Bladnoch 16 years

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The most southerly of all the distilleries is Bladnoch. The distillery was founded in 1817 and changed hands many times during the 20th century. It was closed from 1938-1956 during which time the distilling equipment was removed and shipped to Sweden. It was later owned by Inver House (1973-1983), who sold it to Arthur Bell & Sons PLC, who were subsequently taken over by United Distillers. The distillery was closed in 1993.

Farbe: Pale straw. Nase: Fresh with herbal notes - fresh mint. Some subtle malty aromas develop and hints of exotic fruit - kiwi. Gaumen: Mouth warming, with a touch of mustard powder. Creamy and sweet, with rounded fruity influences developing - peach.

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  • Alkoholgehalt:43%
  • Herkunft:Schottland (Lowlands)
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